UKULELE PLAYERS: Do you struggle with the ukulele’s most hated chords, D and E?

Some Things in Life are HARD:

  • giving birth
  • walking a Great Dane
  • prison
  • chewing beef jerky
  • math
  • moving a mattress
  • finding decent BBQ anywhere in New England
  • listening to “Air Supply’s Greatest Hits”

You know what’s hard for ukulele players? That dang E chord!

In my new video mini-course, I show you FIVE different ways to handle the E chord when it comes up in songs (and you know it will).

These techniques range from HARDEST to EASIEST (guess which one I use?), and include how to alter the chord or AVOID it altogether (and still be able to play the songs you love).

And, every technique that you learn once for E chord, can also be instantly applied to the notoriously tricky D and E-flat chords, too.

If you’ve struggled with E and D and want to master these chords once and for all, here’s a quick and fun way to do it.

“I love that the videos are broken into little short ones, that I could go back and find just what I wanted to review. You have a great on camera presence--relaxed and easy going. That, mixed with an ability to explain things clearly and concisely made this work.”
Online course taker
“I am enjoying your workshop tremendously! Well put together and thankfully, you are so fun to listen to. You impart so much great info and wisdom with such charm..”
Online course taker

A Word of Warning

Do not buy this course if you’re expecting a long, drawn-out program. I respect your time and want you to learn this skill and move on! This is a series of short, fast videos.

Do not buy this course if you already have a method you like for quickly and efficiently playing D, Eb, and E chords in any song. I’ve created clear, easy to follow videos with multiple methods, but if you have already mastered a technique, then you’re fine!

Do not buy this course if you think the price is too high. You’re getting a fast and fun lesson speedily imparted by the miracle of Internet video. It’s a very narrow, single-topic lesson at a fraction of the price of an in-person lesson with me.

A closing thought from Danno:

When you’re struggling to learn something deep and vast (MUSIC is deep and vast—and even a sub-niche like “ukulele music” is still deep and vast), why not NARROW IT DOWN to a specific skill that you can focus on and master?

NOT being able to play common chords like E and D, means NOT playing efficiently or effectively. And could very well mean skipping songs that you love. 

“Defeat the E” is meant to help you narrow your focus so you thoroughly master these chords and get to the real business of playing the songs you love.