Uke Club member Steve writes:

“Good beginner stuff Danno. I’m finding little treasures that do exactly what you want – give us a solid footing to build on. Today’s finger picking lesson gave me a couple more. This is the first time I’ve seen a music diagram that relates the ukulele strings to the actual notes, thank you.”

I’ll confess.

What Steve’s talking about here is a concept that’s “out there.” It’s in dozens of books, and many ukulele players know about it already.

In other words, it’s not a secret.

You see, one of my jobs is to help out my ukulele babies by going through the billions of books and dvds available, and culling the “greatest hits,” and passing them on to you.

The other part is to present the info to you in my own special way—left-handed, in Esperanto, with a toothbrush jabbed in my ear.

Oh, wait, no—that’s not my special way any more…

Well, you read my emails. You know what my special way is.

And in The Uke Club, more than ever before, I’m CONDENSING.

The daily videos are as SHORT as I can make them, so you can absorb the info quickly, and move on.

A little every day.

So over time, you get a lot better.

If that sounds like your style, then come on over and join us.

Please Note:
The Uke Club is not currently on offer, but there are loads of other helpful ukulele courses for you right over here.

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