The fall and rise of your ukulele pal

Do you, brave ukester, stop mid-song just because your thumb gets stuck in your soundhole?

ukulele entertaining

Go from Dull to Fascinating: The Surprising “Game Show” Trick that Really Works

This is was an invaluable lesson for a wide-eyed youth in tawdry Tinsel Town.

ukulele report card

Uke players: are you smarter than a 1st grader?

If you struggle at all with strum patterns, downs, ups, etc., go ahead and get on the announcement list for the free course. You’ll be first to know when the free training is available.

Smile, damn you, smile!

I want you to get better at playing and join my zombie army of ukulele players, transforming the earth into a mad mob of uke slingers.

The MacGyver Guide to Packing Your Ukulele Gig Bag

While transferring the contents from the little pocket of my ukulele bag, I realized that television’s MacGyver would get by very well indeed with all stuff I found.

Atom ukulele like Einstein might play

Ukulele lovers: how to get my attention

When you’re looking for ukulele help, you’ve got to find a source that’s a good match for you, someone whose presentation you enjoy while still giving you the info that you need.

How to win friends and influence people (and play the ukulele)

It occurred to me—almost all of this wisdom from “How to Win Friends” can applied to directly to ukulele playing and interacting with other players.

Why so many ukulele emails?

These emails are here to cajole, finagle, elbow, encourage, and above all, REMIND you that, yes, it’s another day, and that’s another opportunity to think about the little instrument you love, and get it out, and PLAY IT.

Learn to Play Ukulele

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