So there’s this hobbit, a dwarf, and a ukulele…

Through the Swamp of Barre Chords, through the Dark Forest of Seemingly Pointless Scales, and toward the Land of Happy Uke Strumming…

TV Theme Ukulele Songs (including Arrested Development)

How to play “Arrested Development” theme song chords on ukulele (plus 20 other TV theme songs)

The Lake Song–free sheet music download

A short, funny song about a big lake with an incredibly long name! Free song sheet download.

Ukulele Jokes

Ukulele Jokes

Plenty of good musician jokes–why so few jokes about ukulele players?

Perfect-a-Song 4: Playing Your Uke with Confidence

Play ukulele — like you mean it!

“A ukulele” or “an ukulele”? Which is correct?

Let’s settle this grammar question once and for all! Is it “a ukulele” or “an ukulele”–and does it really matter?

Uke Practice–quality or quantity (answer inside)

Uke Practice–quality or quantity (answer inside)

Ukulele players: practice a lot, or practice really, really well? What’s the best approach to ukulele practice?

Ukulele Notes of the Stars!

Learn to play the same notes as your ukulele heroes!

How (Not) to Name Your Ukulele Group

When naming your ukulele business, never trust a computer…

Have You Tried Alternate Tunings for Ukulele?

Ever tried oddball alternate tunings for ukulele? You’re never locked into the standard GDEA tuning–unless you want to be.

Uke Courses — videos temporarily down

Uh-oh. Due to an error involving an under-trained assistant, the internet, and, well, only those two things, ALL the videos associated with uke courses here are DOWN! I am adding them back in as quickly as possible. The assistant has been dismissed. I’ll post here as the courses come back online. 2019-07-31: Strum Mastery course is up and running! 2019-08-01: Defeat the E is up and running! 2019-08-01: Songbook ChordPro is up and running! 2019-08-02: Vintage Lessongs …

Uke Courses — videos temporarily down Read More »

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