How to Play B-minor chord on ukulele — free video

Four ways to play B minor on ukulele:

(Quick reference diagram below, but read on for ukulele tricks and tips!)

This is a hands-on mini-lesson--

--so do not continue unless your hands are on. Preferably on a ukulele.

The awful Bm ukulele chord.

Even the name is taunting. “Play me, or you will B minor!"

It’s one of those chords that you only need once in a while, but when you do it, oh brother, do you really need it.

It’s physically tricky because it involves a barre (more on this below), AND a giant reach across all the strings.

(Plus, it’s a minor chord, and minor chords are just sort of depressing).

Q: Bm chord or B minor - what's the difference?

A: Nothing at all. These are two ways to "spell" the exact same chord. The little "m" in Bm stands for "minor."

But of course you already knew that...

Tips for making the Bm chord on ukulele:

  1. Do NOT use four fingers! This requires too much precision and will slow down your chord changes. If you want smooth, efficient chord changes...
  2. Use the barre instead. The barre is just your index finger laid across the entire 2nd fret, covering all strings. Check the pressure--just enough that each string rings out pure and true.
  3. If your index finger isn’t mighty enough, try two things. First, make sure your thumb is behind the neck providing a GI Joe kung-fu grip. You’re SQUEEZING the neck between your thumb and finger. Second, you can double up your fingers. First finger on the strings, then second finger on top of the first finger, for double finger strength!
  4. Finally, reach way across with a finger (I like ring finger) to 4th string, 4th fret. Sometimes it helps to place this finger FIRST, then add the barre. This lets you adjust this finger on its own, before you have to worry about the barre.
  5. If your finger is deadening strings 1, 2, or 3, try pushing your WHOLE HAND FORWARD (away from your body). This changes the angle of attack a little bit and can help with clearance.

Did you read my article about The Spiderman Method of Getting Better on Ukulele? Go read that (it will help with the next bit).

NOW--if you move your whole B minor shape down the neck (away from the sound hole), you’ll move from fret 2, to fret 1, to fret 0 (when your barre will have no place to be and will go right off, over the head of the uke).

At this point, look closely, and you’ll see that what you’re left with is a good old friendly A minor chord! (frets: 2000)

But you’re making it with a finger you probably don’t normally use--just like Spiderman!

The point here is--it may help you form the B minor chord on your ukulele when you understand that it’s just an A minor ukulele chord moved up the neck.)

In ukulele playing, as in most things, they way you think about it is just as important as what you do.

Good luck with the B minor chord! Let me know if you have questions -- we're talking about it over here.

Now, if you're a visual learner, you may like this

Video showing how to play B minor chord on your ukulele:

[VIDEO LOST in the Great Debacle! Replacement coming soon :) ]

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