Strum Mastery Workshop

Welcome, Brave Ukester!

This is your home for the Uke Strum Master Workshop. You having ongoing access, so you can work at your own schedule, and come back here whenever you need a brush up.

A video welcome:


The program is basically linear, from easier to harder, but there is a lot cross-over of concepts, so don't feel that you must go in a straight line--you can go explore. Everything feeds everything else.

The best place to start is in the "Essentials" menu in the sidebar. Work your way down.

You may want to jump over to the "Strums" menu at some point, and start getting a feel. "Essentials" is more conceptual. "Strums" is hands-on.

Speed up the video (or slow down)

Click the little gear icon to access speed controls. Excellent for speeding over my chatter, or slowing down for tricky bits.

Go full screen

Click the bottom right corner, little-box icon to enlarge the video to full screen. (Sorry I can't provide Technicolor or Sensurround).

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