Monster Mash on ukulele — chords for the perfect Halloween song (free download)

Everyone needs to know how to play “The Monster Mash” on the ukulele at Hallowe’en time.And odds are good that you already do know how! Here’s why…

This article explains HOW to play Monster Mash on ukulele.

If you’re a smarty-pants and don’t care, and just want to download the free ukulele chord sheet for Monster Mash, use the big button below and be on your way.

For the rest of us… Tips on how to play Monster Mash on the uke:

This is a pleasantly simple song, and I’ve rendered this version in the key of G, which makes it nice and easy to play on the uke.

In fact, you can probably play it ear. Here’s how it works:

You know know all those 3-chord ukulele songs that we love? (We love them because there are so many that all use the same chords.)

For example, in the key of G, your Magic 3 chords are G, C, and D (or D7).

Well, monsters, add one more EASY chord, and you’ll be ready to mash!

The new chord is E minor.

The show-offs call it the minor VI chord.

(The others are called the I, IV, and V).

So, the chord pattern is I, vi, IV, V. If you speak normal human language, not Roman, that equates to: G, Em, C, D7.

Your job, before October 31st:

Strum those chords! Get ‘em into your fingers and brain. Then lay those chords down and in your spookiest voice:

He did the Mash! (He did the Monster Mash)The Monster Mash (It was a graveyard smash)He did the Mash! (It caught in a flash)He did the Mash! (He did the Monster Mash)

I’ll bet you already know the rest of the lyrics. If you’re like me, you’ve heard that song 120 times every Hallowe’en since you were a tot.

So get out there, and play.

And when you get to my door, tell them Danno sent you 🙂