The PROCESS of learning ukulele

Is this what’s missing from your ukulele learning?

  1. The first part of ukulele learning is usually: memorization. You’ve got to memorize some chord shapes and some strums before you can play.
  2. Next comes: experimentation. You try some songs, you fool around with your instrument, you get used to awkward chords shapes.
  3. Finally—and this is the bit many people never think about—is PROCESS.

PROCESS just means that you have a set procedure in place for any situation that arises.

Now this sounds good for pilots and librarians and…well, everybody pretty much, but surely not us wild and crazy, live by the seat our pants ukulele players.


But PROCESS is what lets you think through common situations like:

  • G is easy. E minor is easy. So, why is transitioning from G to E minor so hard? You need a PROCEDURE.


  • I can count in to the start of songs like “Frere Jacques” easily, so why is counting into to songs like “Jambalaya” so hard? You need a PROCEDURE.

Procedures are set solutions to problems you KNOW will arise. You have the problem solved before it even comes up.

So what PROCEDURES can you start implementing today to make your ukulele playing easier tomorrow?


My upcoming mini-course, “Defeat the E” is all about procedure. I walk you through multiple ways to master this notorious E chord (along with D and E-flat), so you have the solutions always literally at your fingertips.

Happy proceduralizing!

your pal,

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About the Author

Founder of ”Play It Daily” Ukulele, co-founder of the Ukulele Union of Boston, and spreader of good cheer.

Danno Sullivan

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