(Almost) Instant Ukulele: 3x3x3


The fastest way to go from ukulele zero to ukulele hero!
The absolute basics so you can quickly play the songs you love.


If you're ready to learn ukulele, click the video below for the fastest, funnest way to get started right now!

UKULELE 3x3x3 is an online video course that shows you the very, very basics so you can get started right this very second playing the songs you love

WHY learn ukulele?

  • Ukulele is one of the easiest instruments to get started on
  • But you can make REAL music with it
  • Uke is suitable for any style music. Your favorite songs are just waiting to come out 🙂
  • Ukulele is THE SOCIAL instrument. Entertain yourself, your friends, strangers on the street — everyone loves the uke!

WHAT am I getting?

In this lightning-fast video course, we cover —

  • 3 EZ CHORDS – the building-blocks of a gazillion songs
  • 3 KNOCK-OUT STRUM PATTERNS – to drive your songs and make you sound like a pro
  • 3 Actual Songs – because that's our goal — playing songs and making real music