Who says your little uke has to sound HAPPY?



Blues on the ukulele?

Yes, and it sounds great!

The basics aren’t hard at all, but you want a system that makes “easy” even easier!

In this quick course, you’ll learn

  • the simple chord structure that covers 90% of all blues songs
  • how to that structure into any singing key to match your voice — without complicated math or music theory
  • chord riffs that make your blues sound meaty and mighty

Plus Free Bonuses —

  • Lead riffs that sound amazing and are surprisingly easy to play
  • The simple blues “pattern” so you always know where to put your fingers for an instant solo (and NEVER be wrong)
  • Deeper dive into elements of the blues
Blues classics re-interpreted for the uke. Apply all your newfound skills to creating real music in real blues songs.


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