Danno’s Ukulele Book Club

$19.95 / month

Let’s *finally* get through those uke books — together!




The Ukulele Book Club in a nutshell:

  1. Choose a book
  2. Enjoy the video lessons
  3.  Join the live conversation to ask and answer questions and get deeper insight

A few more details 🙂:

I know all about good intentions…

I do exactly what you do:

A new book! I will buy this book. And learn from it. And when I’m done, I will be a true master of the thing that book teaches me.

**WE UKULELE PLAYERS** are funny that way. We know that the Next Big Success is just one chapter away.

EXCEPT… all too often, it’s not.

It’s sooo easy to get through Chapter 1 of your new Uke Skill book (whatever it is), and then think to yourself, “I’ll get to Chapter 2 — later…”

And “later” becomes:



So let’s break that cycle of Not Finishing Books

It’s your old pal Danno here, ready to stand by your side and coach you through the book. I’m here to guide you through the actual content with up-close videos. But I’m also here to help you with the parts the books usually leave out — the all-important WHY.

WHY is this valuable? WHY is it worth spending time on?

(Guess what — sometimes the answer is — it isn’t!)

And whenever I can, I take a deeper dive than is shown in the book and help you apply this knowledge in a universal way — so you can apply it to the song YOU want to be playing.

NOT Just Videos

Here’s the best part.

Once or twice a month, we get together for a live online call, where you can get all your questions answered in real-time. And benefit from other people’s questions, too.

So it’s really the best of all worlds for uke learning

You can read the book on your own, as you wish.

But for detailed lessons and deeper understanding, you can go through my hand-holding videos where I explain step-by-step what may not be so clear in the book.

And, finally, you can join in our live Q-and-A calls to clear up lingering questions and get personalized attention.

All for less than the price of single real-world uke lesson.


This is is a new offering, so right now there’s only one book in the library, but it’s a good ‘un: Fingerstyle Quickstart. I’ll be adding new books in about one a month — and you can vote on what the next book should be!

Please note: if you desire a physical copy of the book, you’ll need to buy it separately: I always include a link for books which are still available (and encourage you to buy to support the author, of course). — Some books we’ll use are out of print. In both cases, I’ll provide enough context in the lessons for you to work without the physical book in hand — it’s just convenient for you if you do 🙂

About the Subscription:

The Ukulele Book Club is a monthly subscription and includes a free trial so you can be sure it’s a good match for you. You can cancel before the trial expires and not be charged. Or cancel any time after the trial to end your subscription and not be charged again. SIMPLE!

Isn’t that kind of expensive?

That’s for you to decide, of course. I compare it to the price of a single real-world ukulele lesson. As a series of lessons that you have on-going access to, including live feedback, I think it’s a pretty good deal!

So join us, won’t you?


This program is also available as part of the Uke Course Master Pass — a great way to get on-going access to all the uke courses at a great savings.

Let’s *finally* get through those uke books — together!

$19.95 / month


$47/month for EVERYTHING BELOW. – Cancel anytime.

Save nearly 50% in subscriptions alone — and think of everything else as a freebie!


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