Ukulele Fingerstyle Quickstart Video Course


Tired of the same ol’ strummy strummy strum-strum?

When you’re ready to move beyond strumming, the next fun step is fingerstyle playing.



Are you ready to completely transform your ukulele playing?

You’ll have a blast and impress yourself and your friends with your new finger-style super-skills!

Most uke players settle for the same old strummy-strummy-strum-strum — and most uke players sound like, well — most uke players.

One of the biggest leaps you can make in your playing prowess is to add finger-style playing into your bag of tricks.

The great thing is, any song that can be strummed, can be played finger-style instead. This adds a huge amount of variety and excitement to your playing, since you can play in either style, or mix and match.

The hard part —

— is figuring it out all out on your own. There are lots of *gotcha’s* if you don’t know what to look out for — and it’s always much harder to UN-learn something you’ve learned the wrong way than to just learn properly in the first place.

Yes, you can find YouTube videos to help with some specific questions but you’re not likely to find an organized course that makes the information easy to find, easy to follow, and fun.

The Simple Solution:

My course here is based on one of the best ukulele how-to books around, called Fingerstyle Quickstart.

  • That means we’ve got crucial organization and lessons that build logically on one another. (BTW, the physical book is NOT required for the video lessons, but I’ll provide full details if you wish to buy a copy to have on hand.)
  • Add to that my custom-made video lessons that cover every single lesson and song in the book.
  • Then add to that, my additional content — insights and wisdom, links to vital related material, and loads of bonus songs and tips.

And it all adds up to the most efficient, fastest, and fun way to learn fingerstyle ukulele.

Hope you can join us!


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