Gilbert and Sullivan for Ukulele


A great, vintage collection of Gilbert and Sullivan songs from several different oprettas. Please note: this is a xerox of a xerox of an otherwise impossible to find document. The content is fantastic but the quality is not perfect.

Gilbert and Sullivan really ought to be more associated with ukulele.

Think about it — both G&S and ukuleles tend toward funny but also… romantic. G&S excel at poking the pomp of overly-grand attitudes, and that's the ukulele in spades!

Until recently, I believed that I myself was the only source of Gilbert and Sullivan song sheets specifically for ukulele. I mentioned in one of my classes ages ago, a joke idea of doing an all-ukulele version of “Pirates of Penzance.” And the next week, a research librarian who happened to be in my class, showed up with this dandy, old-time collection, I'm happy to share this with you today.