Ukulele Notes of the Stars!


Ready to try out some of the greatest ukulele notes ever played?

Here’s the exact D note played by Tiny Tim in the ukulele classic Tiptoe Thru the Tulips: string 3, fret 3 — easy!

Amazing, isn’t it? That note is “toe” in “tiptoe.” And you can play it just like Tiny Tim! One of the most famous ukulele players who ever lived.

Master that note and get ready to launch your career as superstar of the 1960s (playing songs from the 1920s)!

Here’s the F# played so beautifully by Jake Shimabukuro in While My Guitar Gently Weeps: string 2, fret 2.

Wow, now you’re cooking! You’re playing one of the exact same notes used by the most pyrotechnical virtuoso of our time! Go go go!

Here’s an old standby note, G, as used by the greatest uke player of 1930s and 40s, Ukulele Ike. His G note figures into dozens of jazz classics like Yes Sir, That’s My Baby: string 2, fret 3.

Oh, baby, you’ve got “it” and how! What’s Ukulele Ike got that you ain’t got!

So now…

You’ve got some of the greatest notes of all time, and, yes, you can play them!

Now it’s just a question of putting those individual notes together into interesting groups to make chords and then use those chords to make songs!

Who says it has to be hard to be a ukulele super-star?

your pal,

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