Funny ukulele songs: Shaving Cream (free download)

Very silly, slightly naughty, easy to play, fun to sing. Could this be the perfect ukulele song? Free ukulele sheet music download!

“Shaving Cream” is a very funny song for ukulele.

It’s also very easy to play — nice friendly uke chords, and a riot to sing with people who have never heard it before.

I first learned of the song Shaving Cream from the wonderful Dr. Demento radio show. I remember getting in terrible trouble in 5th grade for singing it in school. (Rather a life changing argument with the teacher over whether or not it was actually inappropriate, since the swearing is only implied…)

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Here’s the video for Shaving Cream

Just listen to those tinny horns — corny while still being musical. Everything you could want from a comedy song!

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And click here for more ukulele sheet music.

From this page, I learned a few interesting facts about Benny Bell and the song Shaving Cream, such as:

  • Though written in 1946, Shaving Cream became a Top 40 hit in 1975! (Just in time for me to hear it and get in trouble for singing it…)
  • Benny Bell also had a big hit in the 1940s with Pinkus the Peddlar, “a klezmer-inflected blues number about a hapless immigrant who gets shipped back to Russia.”

  • Bell was still alive when Shaving Cream had its resurgence and was doing live shows into his 80s!

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