Do you struggle with E — the uke’s most-hated chord?

FINALLY — a simple method to master this hard-but-essential chords without pain and without bone-breaking finger calisthenics!


  • Play the songs you love even when they include the awful E chord
  • Simple techniques you can learn in 20 minutes
  • Use the same system to play the hard-but-necessary D chord (and E-flat, too)
  • Method lays the groundwork for other advanced chord techniques
  • More than a video, you get real-human interaction — help when you need it!
Defeat the E 4

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Some Things in Life are HARD:

laurel and hardy piano
  • giving birth
  • walking a Great Dane
  • prison
  • math
  • listening to “CATS”
  • moving a piano

You know what's hard for ukulele players? 

That dang E chord!

SERIOUSLY — I've know uke players to completely AVOID certain songs because they have the E or D chord! You don't need to do that. You can play all the songs you love, even when they have these hated chords.

If you’ve struggled with E and D, “Defeat the E” is a quick and fun way to finally master these chords once and for all.


Master the E Chord

In my new video mini-course, I show you FIVE different ways to handle the E chord when it comes up in songs (and you know it will).

These techniques range from HARDEST to EASIEST (guess which one I use?), and include how to alter the chord or AVOID it altogether (and still be able to play the songs you love).

And, every technique that you learn once for E chord, can also be instantly applied to the notoriously tricky D and E-flat chords, too.

PRICE: 47.00
NOW ONLY $19.95

Lock in this low price today. The price will be going up soon!

It’s All in One Place

I guess I could have figured this out on my own, but you have it all in one place and explained in the clearest way I've seen. Suffice it to say, I couldn't play E and now I can play E!
Online course taker
danno squatty uke cropped

Who is this so-called Danno to be teaching me anything?

I've been teaching folks to play uke for more than decade, focusing on making it EASY and FUN — because when you're having fun, you're more inclined to keep going.

After teaching hundreds of studends on-line and off, I know which questions come up the most, and right at the top of the list is —

“Isn't there an easier way to play E?”

Believe me, I struggled with it, too, and tried all the “shapes” shown in the books.

When I figured out how to DEFEAT the E, my uke playing really opened up because the underlying ideas work to simplify and speed up many chords on the uke, and smooth out your chord changes and overall sound.

A Word of Warning

  • Do not buy this course if you're expecting a long, drawn-out program. I respect your time and want you to learn this skill and move on! This is a series of short, fast videos.
  • Do not buy this course if you already have a method you like for quickly and efficiently playing D, Eb, and E chords in any song. I've created clear, easy to follow videos with multiple methods, but if you have already mastered a technique, then you're fine!
  • Do not buy this course if you think the price is too high. You're getting a fast and fun lesson speedily imparted by the miracle of Internet video. It's a very narrow, single-topic lesson at a fraction of the price of an in-person lesson with me.

So How Does This Work?

  1. Click the button to buy the course
  2. Log-in or create an account, then checkout
  3. You'll be automatically logged in and you start Defeating the E right this very second
  4. Look for a receipt and your log-in info in your email

I love that the videos are broken into little short ones

…so that I could go back and find just what I wanted to review. You have a great on camera presenceu002du002drelaxed and easy going. That, mixed with an ability to explain things clearly and concisely made this work.”
Online course taker

I am enjoying your workshop tremendously!

Well put-together and thankfully, you are so fun to listen to. You impart so much great info and wisdom with such charm..
Online course taker

A closing thought from Danno:

When you’re struggling to learn something deep and vast (MUSIC is deep and vast—and even a sub-niche like “ukulele music” is still deep and vast), why not NARROW IT DOWN to a specific skill that you can focus on and master?

NOT being able to play common chords like E and D, means NOT playing efficiently or effectively. And could very well mean skipping songs that you love. 

“Defeat the E” is meant to help you narrow your focus so you thoroughly master these chords and get to the real business of playing the songs you love.

PRICE: 47.00
NOW ONLY $19.95

Lock in this low price today. The price will be going up soon!