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When you subscribe to Ukulele Practice Time with Danno, you get access to the entire, vast VAULT of past sessions, to go through at your leisure. It's like an ever-growing ENCYLOPEDIA of UKULELE KNOWLEDGE!


For over a year now, I've been hosting a week-daily online video session called Ukulele Practice Time.

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In addition to being a lively gathering of uke lovers from around the world, it's a way for me to share my uke info on a vast number of of topics that might not fit into a book or a course, but which, in the aggregate, become an immense storehouse of invaluable ukulele info.

And just to be clear, “invaluable” actually means “valuable.”

In our daily sessions, we've covered a little bit of everything:

  • EZ-Beatles to
  • vaudeville songs
  • strumming and picking technique
  • classic blues
  • even handicrafts and office supplies to keep your uke music organized —
  • Chuck Berry riffs
  • 1920s strum styles
  • simple versions of way-out chords
  • software tips
  • celebrity interviews
  • — you name it!

— it's a true grab bag, and that's part of what makes it fun.


Now I'm moving all (nearly 200!) the past sessions into a private, members-only Vault, where you can prowl through at your leisure absorbing knowledge to improve your uke playing.

Each video in the Vault

  • is fully edited so you get more meat and fewer potatoes 🙂
  • is searchable by subject so you can zero in specifically on what you want to know about
  • inclues a full-text transcript so you read as well as watch, doubling you uke knowledge intake, and
  • each text transcript is searchable and the entire text is “hot-linked” so you can click on a word and jump to that exact spot in the video!
  • Like a good encyclopedia, you can always find exactly the info you want.
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You can search for any word or phrase (“proto-rock” was one that came up yesterday), or use the clicky-box filter thingy to show, say, “everything in the ‘1960s' category.

Better still, on any one video, you can search the entire video for a specific phrase, then click through to exactly that spot!

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You see, part of the fun of Ukulele Practice Time is that it's laid back and super-casual. Some folk like to watch the replays in real time to soak up that vibe. But when you want specific info, you can target it with laser-like focus.

WHAT EXACTLY is “Ukulele Practice Time with Danno”?

First, here's what it's NOT.

It's not a self-contained ukulele course on how to do something specific. I've got plenty of those, which you can read about here, and for gaining a specific skill, or for just getting started, those are ideal.

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Every weekday (almost), I do a live video session where I share what I'm practicing and offer all the guidance I can muster on how you can improve your knowledge, your understanding, and your skill of the ukuelele.

These sessions are for the ukulele enthusiast ready to get both more general and more specific with your uke knowledge and power.

  • Somedays we go wide, some days we go deep. You can view the long list of previous sessions below or in the sidebar.
  • What are we working on today? That's part of the fun — we don't know until we get there!
  • Session are a quick and breezy 15-30 minutes.


As a subscriber you can ask your uke questions and get a customized answer and personal help from me in a future session.

You're Invited to Join us Live

And if you can, you'll enjoy the comraderie, the goofiness, and the ability to have your own questions directly answered in real time. And, then when you're ready to dig in, you can utilize all the tools in The Vault to search and find the exact morsel of knowledge you want so you can focus on one particular corner of improvement.

Of course, can also just sit back and enjoy each video in the library, as if you were there live.

Here's what you're getting:

When you buy a subscription, you get instant, full access to the vast, ever-growing library of our Daily Practice Sessions. Without a subscription, you're welcome to attend the live meetings (free), but you won't be able to view any of the earlier material that's now archived in The Vault

Is it fun?

Hahaa, yes! My whole teaching philosophy is to make it fun. Fun means you're more inclined to keep at it, and more likely to keep making the progress you want to get better at uke and play the songs you love.

If you can attend the live Sessions, you'll also find a cadre of uke pals to enrich your life and make uke learning a social activity.

Is it free?

Your first seven days are free! Join us for a week and see if it's fun and helpful for you. If not, cancel anytime, no hard feelings.

Why Subscribe?

Even if you're able to attend live, you'll benefit from accessing all the past sessions in the Vault.

  • On-going access to past sessions on every topic on the sun
  • Sort and search, slice and dice the video content to find exactly what you're looking for on any topic.
  • Prowl through the ever-growing encyclopedia of ukulele knowledge to improve your skills and understanding

“Ukulele Practice Time” is a fun way to expand your ukulele knowledge and get better at playing the songs you love.

Try a free 1-week trial and see if it's right for you.