My simple way to work out ukulele strums

Perfect-A-Song III: My simple way to work out ukulele strums

Now let's add appropriate ukulele strums to the mix.

This is Part 1 of a 4-part series to help you Perfect-a-Song
  • Part 1 is here
  • Part 2, Simple Song Analysis is here
  • You’re on Part 3 — uke strums
  • Part 4, Don’t overlook Playing with Confidence, here

Let's talk about the most important aspect of all: the uke strums.

Today: choosing a strum pattern—to make your song sound good!

First: you can download my Strumming Cheatsheet here. This PDF shows about seven different strums that you could choose to use.

But here’s the thing:

You don’t need to choose!

You don’t need to do anything but keep the beat…

What do I mean “keep the beat”?

Whistle your song, and tap your foot.

That’s keeping the beat. Your foot knows what to do.

Now, copy your foot with your strumming hand.

One step at a time—don’t worry about chords yet. Let’s just get the strum.

Copy your foot with your strumming hand. When your foot goes down, your hand goes down.

Foot comes up; hand comes up.

You have the choice

On any down or any up, you can choose to hit the strings, or bypass the strings.

Don’t overthink it, and don’t worry about getting it “right.” There is no right, there’s only “on the beat.”

That’s how you develop your uklele strums—without memorizing patterns

Now, if you want to, take a look at the [thrive_2step id='14847′]free Ukulele Strums Cheatsheet[/thrive_2step]. Pre-existing patterns can help guide you, as you move ever-closer to relaxed, no-thinking, free-style strumming.

Try it on the song you chose.

And let me know how it goes!

your pal,


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