You should learn to play ukulele the fun way!

I’ve taught hundreds and hundreds of people to play ukulele in real life and via my online courses, and I’ve settled on the motto:

The best way to get better at playing songs on your ukulele is by actually playing songs on your ukulele!

That’s what this website is all about.

I have loads of lessons and courses that you can purchase when the time is right (you’ll know when you’re ready), but there is loads of free info all over the site.

So who is this so-called Danno and what can he do for me?

Danno Sullivan with UkuleleI’m a uke player, uke lover, and uke teacher, with special place in my heart for these wonderful old songs from the 1920s.

Don’t get me wrong–I can play Black Sabbath for Ukulele as well as the next fellow, but even then I tend toward sliding chords and triplets. (“War Pigs” sounds pretty good 1920s style!)

Contact Danno:

You can contact me easily right over here.