Funny Irish ukulele song for St. Patrick’s Day–free download

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Well, here’s a wonderful little treat. From 1916, the perfect Irish ukulele song for St. Patrick’s Day, O’Brien is Tryin’ to Learn to Talk Hawaiian.

Wow, you don’t get titles like that anymore!

This funny ukulele song tells the story of the very Irish Pat O’Brien who wants to impress a lovely hula dancer by speaking to her in her own language.

I suggest singing it with an Irish accent if at all possible — it adds a lot to the comedy, and has the bonus of potentially offending some people.

Download it here.

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It’s the best way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day–Hawaiian-style!

Be aware that even though I’m calling it a ukulele song for St. Patrick’s Day, this is not specifically ukulele sheet music — no ukulele chord diagrams (in fact, no chord names at all).

BUT… your ol’ pal Danno won’t leave you hanging like that, no sir!

I’m also enclosing a PDF file with the lyrics and chord names in place.

It’s a very easy song to play, with simple ukulele chords. (Thank you, Mr. Sullivan).

So download it, give it a go, and amuse your Iro-Hawaiian  friends (or your Hawaiio-Irish friends) on St. Patrick’s Day!

Hey, how’s this song go anyway?

Here’s a 1917 recording so you can hear how this little Irish ukulele song sounds. Shockingly good sound quality, considering.

This is just one of ever-growing library of ukulele sheet music downloads.