Struggling to Improve on Ukulele?

A note of encouragement for non-professional musicians struggling to improve on the ukulele:

(This was written for folks in the Uke Club, but it applies to anyone who’s self-learning)–

We cover a LOT of material in our daily lessons, and, of course, there are a LOT of days in week.

A member wrote today to say she was worried about memorizing it all, especially the scales.

Now everyone has a different approach to practice, and everyone has their own time restrictions, but here’s my take:

You don’t need to memorize ANY of this stuff!

The BEST thing you can do is have a daily appointment with yourself to go over the material. This can literally be five minutes to run through the exercise.

The ones that excite you or seem valuable to you at your current level, you’l be naturally inclined to spend a little more time on. So spend a little more time on them.

Obviously more time spent practicing means more likelihood of improvement, but I’d rather see you playing songs and incorporating a little snatch of yesterday’s lesson, than sitting and memorizing a scale by rote.

It’s the awareness that such a thing as the scale (for example) exists, that you know it COULD be incorporated into your playing, if you want it and when you’re ready for it.

Knowing how to find out how to know something is nearly as good as knowing something.

Now you know.

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Founder of ”Play It Daily” Ukulele, co-founder of the Ukulele Union of Boston, and spreader of good cheer.

Danno Sullivan

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