I hate my son

I hate my son

It’s not that hard to find 5 or 10 minutes, but the ROUTINE was invaluable. KNOWING that at a certain time each day you’ll pick up your uke and play just makes things easy.

Uke Practice–quality or quantity (answer inside)

Uke Practice–quality or quantity (answer inside)

Ukulele players: practice a lot, or practice really, really well? What’s the best approach to ukulele practice?

Perfect-a-Song Part I: An easy system for uke practice

By focusing in on one ukulele song, you’ll be able to make quick headway and have your song mastered by the end of our week.

In Praise of Utter, Utter Boredom

Practice time on ukulele can be hard to come by. Mornings round the old Sullivan home are usually a busy bustle of bustling the boy busily out the door to school. But this morning somehow, the snacks were made, the clothes were on, the homework packed, and– There was nothing to do. 30 minutes. With nothing to do. The boy crashed around for a while, then settled finally, of all places, on the piano bench. The boy …

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Uke Players: how are you like a tree, a stew, and my little brother?

All my way of reminding you, dear ukulele fledgling, to not feel like you’ve got to rush it as you learn.

My ukulele self-help book!

Why no books with smaller goals that self-help you into realistic things that you actually need? –Manage to Get to the Post Office Before It Closes. –The Magic of Flossing. –I Will Teach You to Add Oil to Your Lawnmower

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