Strum Course

Learning Tab on Your Uke — here’s a fun place to start

A quick tutorial on reading uke tablature, and especially, playing melody and chords at the same time! Free instructional video and tab download.

TV Theme Ukulele Songs (including Arrested Development)

How to play “Arrested Development” theme song chords on ukulele (plus 20 other TV theme songs)

l'il cowboys sing and strum ukulele

Ukulele players: how to sing and strum at the same time

A lightning-fast tip to help you sing and strum ukulele at the same time.

My Simple Ukulele Song Analysis System

Here’s exactly how I go about learning new songs for ukulele.

jam jars--it's a pun

Uke Players: Scared to Jam?

Does your little internal ukulele player start saying things like, “What if I don’t know the song? What if I don’t know the chords? What if I don’t know the strum pattern?”

rhythm for ukulele strumming

Ukulele strumming rhythm–a different way of looking at rhythm

Do you have a hard figuring strum patterns and rhythm on your ukulele? No promises, but this is a very different way of thinking about the way rhythm works–a different way of seeing it altogether. A very nicely put together video–take a look!

Play ukulele with confidence

Ask yourself–why do you play the uke at all? Bet it’s something to do with the JOY it gives you.

The 6 Subtle Things Highly Productive Uke Players Do Every Day

Some of these things are very highly subtle indeed…

Danno’s shameful, embarrassing confession

Here’s my public service message for today: like taking bath once a week, whether you need it or not, go change your strings. It’s like getting a new ukulele for eight bucks!

The early days of ukulele learning (it was rough)

You wanna know how I learned to play ukulele? Not with your fancy “high speed connections” and your so-called “YouTube.”

Why You’re a Crappy Ukulele Player

My job is to curate the best ukulele knowledge and offer it to you, like a mama bird, pre-chewed and easy to digest.

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