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Are you havin a laff?
Is he havin a laff?

I hate my son

I hate my son

It’s not that hard to find 5 or 10 minutes, but the ROUTINE was invaluable. KNOWING that at a certain time each day you’ll pick up your uke and play just makes things easy.

Official Ukulele Changes

Official Ukulele Changes

All the updates from the latest Great Ukulele Council, where the future of the ukulele is decided.

Adorable Olive Thomas, the flapper and her ukulele

Ukulele Jokes

Ukulele Jokes

Plenty of good musician jokes–why so few jokes about ukulele players?

Ukulele Notes of the Stars!

Learn to play the same notes as your ukulele heroes!

How to correctly pronounce “Ukulele” ??? My epic battle with Jake!

How to avoid sounding like a prat, a poseur, or a cultural appropriationist when pronouncing “ukulele.”

How to pronounce “ukulele”

How to pronounce “ukulele” — and spell it correctly, too

There’s only one right way to pronounce the world “ukulele.” But I’m not quite sure what it is…

You might be a ukulele player if…

You might be a ukulele player if…

A comedy-style list, to know if you Might Be a Ukulele Player…

My official stance:

My Crappy Car vs. Your Ukulele

“I’ll finally be able to play any song, any style, any time. No practice required!”

Why I hate girl scouts

Everybody’s got something to sell. Especially the damn girl scouts. The “girl scout cookie” season just ended, and let me tell you how things stand at the Sullivan household. Me: almost no interaction personally with girl scouts, but the sneaky little things set up shop in the subway, where I would have to pass them by. Despite my attempts at being “curmudgeonly” or at least “crusty,” how could I pass by without buying box? Trouble is, I …

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