Perfect-a-Song Part I: An easy system for uke practice

This week we're focusing in on–perfecting a song.

What do you do when someone says, “Hey, play us a song on that ukulele of yours!”

If you’re like me, you prevaricate.


“Well, here’s one I’ve sort of been working on.”

“I know the chorus of this one…except for a couple of hard chords.”

And so on.

Now for the rest of this week, I’m going to be giving you some concrete advice on perfecting a song.

But today, step 1, is: Pick a Song.

Most uke players get all excited any time a new song comes into a view, and you’ve just got to sit down and give it a go.

Nothing wrong with that, except that means all the songs get a little focus, and no one song gets a lot of focus.

So for now, for this week, pick a song.

Any style, any genre, any era.

Pick a song that you KNOW well enough that you can hum or sing along if it came on the radio. A song that you like and enjoy.

And that’s all.

By focusing in on one song, you’ll be able to make quick headway and have your song mastered by the end of the week.

Sound good?

Then, see you tomorrow.

your pal,

This is Part 1 of a 4-part series to help you Perfect-a-Song
  • You’re on part 1, obviously
  • Part 2, Simple Song Analysis is here
  • Part 3: Strumming, is here
  • Part 4, Don’t overlook Playing with Confidence, here
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4 thoughts on “Perfect-a-Song Part I: An easy system for uke practice”

      1. I know what you’re talking about I had a busy day yesterday laundry etc.,decided to practise at 11pm mùçh too late ! Not good.took one piece to try to perfeçt maybe it was too haŕď,I’ll try it this’re right with yoùr tip this week it is somethìñg I lòvè so I have to make time fòŕ it ,it’s my time!

        1. Been sick since thurs.went to hospital,home now.try to play uke today—-tuè chòrďs are getting much better

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