The 6 Subtle Things Highly Productive Uke Players Do Every Day

This should perhaps be more accurately titled “6 Highly Subtle Things Productive Uke Players Do Every Day.” Because some of these things are very highly subtle indeed.

Did you notice what I just did?

Probably not. All six things are in that first paragraph, but are so subtle you may not have noticed them.

Go back and read that first paragraph again.

Compare it to the title.

Notice both the placement of the words and the letters that form the words.

Be aware of the feelings that an article like this evokes in you, with its supercilious attitude and the implication that you are not already one of those “productive uke players.”

Ideally, you're getting it now. You're picking up on the six highly subtle things.

You may be becoming more productive even as you read this.

Although probably not.

After all, you're reading this.

That is NOT productive.

And even though I guess it's not that subtle, that's one of the things. That's a big thing. That's big enough to count as all six.

So, stop reading about how to be productive and go play something on your ukulele.

That's productive.

your pal,

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