The magical fairy instrument that will solve the world’s problems

…Is what the ukulele is not.

There does seem to be this mystical aura around the uke that other instruments don’t have.

It’s happy.

It’s light.

It’s magical, peaceful, joyful…


Sure, it can be any of those things.

But so can a well-played pair of castanets (see here).

Or a kleenex box with rubber bands around it (see here).

It’s up to you to make it happy, light, and magical–if that’s what you like.

You might also enjoy naughty, raucous, out of tune, teen death, or television theme songs.

Jumpin’ Jim said, “They say you can’t play the blues on a ukulele.”

But he also followed that up with, “And there they are wrong.”

(His book on Amazon)

Because you can play whatever you want.

You’re ukulele can be the instrument of peace and happiness, if that’s what you want.

But so can you, without a ukulele.

It’s your uke. Play something that makes you happy. And the world can tag along.

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