The most expensive ukulele in the world

Do you need the most expensive ukulele? Turns out it's PLAYING the ukulele that makes me happy. Not the ukulele itself.

Ever held something REALLY expensive?

I happened to be visiting California recently and brought my modern (cheap-ish) Martin ukulele in to McCabe’s in Santa Monica. It’s a great shop and I just wanted them to re-string the uke for me. Sort of like getting a haircut even when you don’t need one, just because you’re at a famous salon.

Well, I got talking Martins with the nice lady, and she walked me over to the glassed-in case in the corner to show me their collection.

I had been researching vintage Martins, and I was shocked to see how LOW their prices were.

I asked to try one and she unlocked the case and handed one over. Because it was “only” $1000, I handled it casually — strummed it, plucked, plunked it, plinked it. It sounded great.

“Why only a thousand?” I asked.

“What?” says she. “Oh, honey, you’re misreading the decimal point.”

It was not a one-thousand dollar ukulele.

It was a TEN-thousand dollar ukulele.

I immediately stopped plunking and gingerly handed it back, gulping inwardly, and thinking about my credit card limit.

I managed to get out of the store with a sixteen dollar bill for the string change and a huge sense of relief that I hadn’t over-plunked, nicked, dinged, or dropped their $10,000 Martin.

Driving home, I realized I was very happy with my cheap, modern Martin. In fact, I’m happy with my extremely cheap, plastic-feeling Mahalo.

Turns out it’s PLAYING the ukulele that makes me happy. Not the ukulele itself.

And that’s today’s lesson, kiddies. Now off to bed!

your pal,

PS: In case you’re curious: here are the most expensive ukuleles currently available over at Amazon.

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