The Mouse, the Cracker, and the Ukulele

This cute mouse trying to eat a crack may motivate you with your ukulele playing. Or it may just make you laugh.


The biggest lesson I've learned this year came from watching a mouse trying to tote a cracker home for dinner.

In the video a little bitty mouse tries to pick up a gigantic cracker and throw it 3 inches above it's head so it can take it to it's little mouse family for a nice dinner.

But guess what happens?

He fails.

The little mouse tries 32 different times to haul the cracker off. He throws it, Carries it. Pole vaults off of it. And he fails every single time.

Finally, he takes a break, takes a little nibble, and on his 33rd attempt…he makes it!

And his sweet little mouse family dined like kings that night!

And, my ukulele friend, I'll let you work out the Valuable Lesson for yourself…

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