Honest, I NEVER, EVER exaggerate. But here is my blanket statement on when and where to focus your uke practice time.

The RIGHT way to improve on ukulele

I NEVER like to tell you something is ALWAYS right or ALWAYS wrong.

But I'm feeling a little feisty today, so I'll go out on a limb with these bold statements.

Vital Skills when you’re first getting started on ukulele:

  • 3 Chords
  • 3 Strums Patterns
  • 3 Songs — memorized

The WRONG way to get better on ukulele:

  • MORE chords
  • MORE patterns
  • MORE memorization

Danno’s Vital Skills to get better at ukulele

  • movable chord shapes
  • zero strum patterns (the universal pattern instead!)
  • conceptualizing song structure so you can play by ear instead of memorization

Are you interested in any of these? Let me know and I'll elaborate.

Focused on the fun,

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