10 simple steps, one of which may change the way you practice ukulele forever.

The RIGHT way to Practice Ukulele?

  1. Look at ukulele on couch and think “l really should practice ukulele.”
  2. Remember there are dirty dishes to be washed; go wash them.
  3. Oh, and the cat's litterbox.
  4. Make an important phone call.
  5. Notice ukulele again, and say out loud: “Really should practice that uke.”
  6. But it's lunchtime.
  7. And afternoon coffee.
  8. And nap.
  9. That big file for the Johnson Account is due 9:00 am Monday, so get cracking!
  10. Push ukulele aside to stretch out on couch and watch Netflix before bed.

This is my gentle reminder to not forget to remember — your uke is waiting for you!

Focused on the fun,

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