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Here are my laser-focused uke courses for you to peruse.

Rather than general "how to play ukulele" courses, I prefer to zero in on specific skills that will improve your playing right away.

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The Slider (a handy chord trick)

A ukulele insta-lesson that will help you add some variety to your songs. You’ll stand out even if you’re blending in.

Defeat the E

Wrestle the uke's most-hated chord into submission and make it scream for mercy!

Using Songbook ChordPro

Learn to use this essential software that helps layout and organize song sheets.

Strum Mastery Workshop

A very, very deep dive into the most important aspect of ukulele playing.

Vintage Lessongs

Discover the musical secrets of some of the greatest ukulele songs of all time.

Fingerstyle Quickstart

Ready to move beyond the same ol' strums? Fingerstyle playing will open vast new vistas.

Wednesday Workshops (Ukulele Office Hours)

Q&A and speedy-quick mini-lessons

Ukulele Players: You’re Playing E-chord All Wrong!

Standard E plus several alternatives that make making E both faster and easier.

Strum Cheats Video Addendum

Good strumming is the backbone of uke playing. Get the basics fast in this video mini-course.

Ukulele 3x3x3

Learn the very basics of ukulele really, really fast so you can play the songs you love.