Danno sez:

You can LEARN UKULELE really, really fast (like right now fast), even if
you know NOTHING about music
at all never not even.

”Three by Three by Three“



3 laser-specific video mini-courses to teach you everything you need
to get started on ukulele NOW.

Seriously. Right now. Where I am, it's 2:30. You could be playing uke by 3:00.

3:05 if you have slow connection.

Here's what's in this ukulele course.
Speed. And fun. And... 


Know these and unlock the power to play literally 1000s of songs, any style, any genre, any era.


Here are the easy-to-learn patterns that make your songs sound, you know, LIKE THE SONGS.


Because nothing beats the real thing. Apply what you've learned in the safety and comfort of your own internet.

Get 3x3x3 for Just $33.33

Your Pal Danno
“Harvard's* Professor of the Uke”
*(The town, not the university)

 Who am I to be teaching you anything?

If you've struggled to play ukulele, or just to find the time to practice a bit, I can help.

I've been teaching folks to play ukulele online and off for a decade, and I know that you need some rock-solid how-to tips, but you also need advice on what's important to be practicing now, as well as a good-natured kick in the pants once in a while to keep you moving forward.

Let's work together, shall we, and help you progress from ukulele newbie to, um, ukulele do-be.

From the Mouths of Studes:


Love your teaching manner, relaxes the learner and gives them (me) confidence.


Loving the Lessons

I'm really loving the short lessons. It takes me a few minutes to 'get' the lesson, and I rewind and play the video over until I get it right. Lots of fun.


Fabulous course. The best I have experienced.

The instruction is so well structured and presented. Thank you this course has given me a fantastic boost to my confidence. I would recommend the course to any ukulele beginner or intermediate player. Thank you Danno.

Graeme M.

Pieces Coming Together

I've taken classes before, but I finally feel like the pieces are coming together. Thanks so much.


“You are one wise uke man.”

You give wonderful insight and are my ukulele guru. One bit of advice which has helped me immensely is instructing me to play with confidence. I so needed to hear that. It helps me take more chances.


I have gone from struggling...

I have gone from struggling to feeling at last I am making progress.

Danno is so generous and inspiring that I have comeback for the second time :-) :-) ... a great big thank you for the course. It was most enjoyable and I feel I have made real progress. You are a great teacher with a very easy going style and impart knowledge almost effortlessly.

Jawn G.

Will you, won't you? Will you, won't you?

Join Us in the Course?

Get Ukulele 3x3x3 for just $33.33 - waaay less than the price of single live lesson!

We're having fun, and it won't be the same without you!

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