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Vintage Lessongs

This course is a series of lessons, about one a month, dedicated to discovering the musical secrets of some of the greatest ukulele songs of all time.

In the 1920s and 30s, the ukulele was hugely popular, and world-class songwriters were composing with the uke in mind. Much of the wonderful old sheet music includes uke-friendly arrangement.


That’s not enough to avoid “simple strumming syndrome”– the default of most ukulele players.

Think about it: one song strummed on the ukulele sounds pretty much like another song strummed on the ukulele.

Our job:

What can we bring to these songs to make them sound more musical, more like the songs?

That’s what these lessons are all about.

What you’re getting:

About once a month, you’ll get new old song delivered: an actual reproduction of the old sheet music complete with notation, chords, and chord diagrams.

Now, with a little digging, you’d be able to find copies on your own — that’s what I do: scour garage sales, libraries (online and off), and the piano benches of elderly neighbors.

But —

You’re also getting a thorough tear-down and step-by-step video lesson on how to put these songs together to make them sound as good as they can on the uke.

You’ll develop a deep understanding of underlying concepts as well as concrete how-to tips for making these songs fun to play and impressive to hear.

How the subscription works:

Right now, we have six “Lessongs.,” available as a subscription. So once a month, you’ll be billed $9.97 and you’ll receive your PDF download plus complete video lesson. After six months and six lessons, your subscription will end.

Of course, you can cancel any time and not be charged again.