Ukulele Players International Headquarters

I have felt for some time now that the ukulele players of the world need a place to get together and call home.

Until a few years ago, there were only a few ukulele players left in the world, and we could join up in a space the size of telephone booth.

In fact, several of our first international meetings took place in an actual phone booth, which, although cramped, had the advantage of costing only 20 cents for every three minutes.

Now, though, as the number of uke players skyrockets, we are faced with ever more difficulty in finding space to accommodate us all.

Some of you know that I fell heir to a skyscraper a few years ago, and I am considering offering it up as our new International Headquarters for Uke Players, or IHUP.

Considering there’s already an IHOP on the ground floor, we could get plenty of publicity just through typos alone.

There’s some question whether or not the skyscraper is what some building inspectors call “safe” above the first floor, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed and expect to know more soon.

If unavailable as a haven for uke players, do keep an eye out for the grand opening of my Museum of Rare Plaster Chunks and Antique Lath.


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