How easy it ukulele compared to guitar, or other instruments?

Is ukulele easier than guitar? Or trumpet? Or kazoo? To find out, we must make a scientific comparison…

    3 replies to "[VIDEO] Is Ukulele Really the EASIEST Instrument to Play?"

    • Mai

      Yah – Just 5’2 but with a cool strum and a walk-down in the middle. Fun to listen to and very funny. I like the tie at the end.

    • STEVE

      A day late in viewing but very funny nonetheless, even if I have 2 different coloured strings!
      Thanks for the post. What was the tune you were plying in the background? and do you have chords or tab for it by any chance?

      • Danno

        Thanks, Steve. That’s just me goofing around on “Five Foot Two.”

        Try: F, A7, D7, D7, G7, C7, home to F

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