The ukulele “secret” I will never teach you

There are no secrets any more.

No unknown tips on how to do something.

No more “only the true masters know this stuff” stuff.

Because we live in the wonderful age of the Internet, where anything you can imagine is available at your fingertips by simply doing a quick search.

  • “How to paint your name on a grain of rice?” Easy—look it up!
  • “Making oakum to fill cracks in the side of your boat like pirates used to do?” No problem—do an Internet search!
  • “16 cures for athletes’ foot?” Betcha anything there’s a YouTube video on that (eew).

That’s why I never promise to teach you ukulele “secrets.”

There simply are none.

In fact—just the opposite.

There’s almost too much information. It’s hard to cut through it all!

And THAT is what I do promise you in my courses.

You see, I pretty much live and breath ukuleles these days. I watch videos, read books, try out techniques, so you don’t have to!

And I distill the very best information I find. The best teaching techniques.

And put it together in a clear A-Z path that’s easy for you to follow.

And I narrow it down for you, to keep things clear, simple, and doable.

One of my courses is devoted to nothing more than mastering the E chord. If you just need help with the E chord, you don’t need a full-length, general, vague, “How to Play Ukulele” Course, you just need what you need.

(That course is available here, if you’re interested).

So don’t be suckered by someone offering you ukulele “secrets” — there are none!

You should absolutely support real teachers with real info, but the good ones support you and guide you and share their knowledge, rather than keeping a hidden secret from you.

And if you don’t believe me, just Google it.

your pal,

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