Ukulele Sheet Music Downloads and Songs

Ukulele Sheet Music Downloads and Songs

Our Ever-Growing Library of Ukulele Sheet Music Downloads

You have a billion-and-one sources for ukulele chords and tabs these days, but nothing beats the actual, original, vintage ukulele sheet music.

Play It Daily Ukulele (ths site) has dozens of (pieces? sheets? folios?) ukulele sheet music(s?), with more being added all the time.

This page is meant as central processing page to guide you to all the ukulele sheet music that's available both on this site and on others.

Ukulele songs of the 1920s.

Irish Ukulele Sheet Music – Songs for St. Patrick’s Day!

Funny Songs for Ukulele:

Ooh, the delight of the ukulele comedy song. There's something about the instrument that cries out for novelty numbers! Well, we are here to serve…

Some Fantastic Resources Where You Can Download Ukulele Sheet Music.

More, more, more! I want more!

  • Read about Cjam, a great library of jazz classics, here.
  • And about RagPiano, for wonderful old sheet music covers and history, here.
  • What about FUNNY songs for ukulele? Here you go, sir or madame!
  • Very wonderful: antique ukulele book translated for modern players, here.

Ukulele sheet music that's specifically ukulele

A lot of uke clubs and individual uke lovers put tons of work into creating helpful ukulele lead sheets, or chord sheets. These tend to be abbreviated — not the full staff full of notes that sheet music implies, but usually nothing more than the lyrics plus the ukulele chords. Sometimes the chords are just names, sometimes they're shown as diagrams.

Often called leadsheets (or cheat sheets), these are great if you know the tune of the song; it keeps the content to a single page (usually), and gives you just enough guidance to get through the song.

  • San Jose Ukulele Club‘s songbook, here, is a tremendous resource. Arrangements include chord diagrams, and something rare: a counting method (made of dots) that helps you understand more accurately where the chord changes actually fall.

Tab (tablature) for ukulele:

Tablature can be immensely helpful for working out the melody of song.

I've got the tabs for the lovely Hawaiaan Alona Waltz, and a video tutorial that's part of the Free Library for Ukulele Lovers.

And this post has links out to some of the best sites for ukulele tabs.