Have you seen this (almost secret) source for free ukulele sheet music?

vintage ukulele sheet music

Well, here’s a great source for ukulele jazz sheet music!

Not specifically ukulele jazz sheet music, but a “New Orleans Jambook.” Loads and loads of vintage jazz songs. Gotta love someone who puts that much work in to preserving these wonderful old songs.


Other Ukulele Sheet Music Resources

This page shows you all our ukulele sheet music resources. Downloads from this site, and some of the best libraries for songs around the internet.

As they say on the Cjam site:

New Orleans jazz is played by heart and ear. You fake some good old tunes and improvise on the melodies and the chords they are built on. Most of the tunes are forgotten a long time ago, nobody ask for them, nobody should play them, and today they should have been almost useless if it hadn’t been for a few persons and bands who love early jazz and try keeping this old music alive.

To preserve these tunes is more of a cultural achievement. Often you have to transcribe them from old recordings, because there has not been any sheet music available for many decades, if ever.

Below are some which of some reason have occurred. The transcriptions are mostly an interpretation of the song and don’t claim to be quite right, simply just “good enough for jazz”.

The upper section with the chords is for C-instruments (banjo, guitar, piano, bass), the lower with the melody is for instruments tuned in Bb (trumpet, clarinet, soprano- and tenor sax, trombone). Have a look at the tune, memorize it, put in your soul, and play it hot!

For us ukulele players…

DANNO SEZ: Remember, in music, a chord is a chord. Just because these are not ukulele-specific, you can absolutely still play from them. When you see a G chord, just play a G chord (doesn’t matter if you’re on uke, guitar, piano, or oud — a G is a G, a C is C, and so on).

Pick some songs, and, as they say on the site, play it hot!

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