free transposing chords tool for ukulele

Super-Handy, Free Tool for Transposing Chords on Ukulele

Transposing chords on ukulele (or any other instrument) basically means shifting all the chords in a song up (or down) the same number of steps.

Sometimes the best way to play a uke song with hard chords is just to transpose it into a key with easier to play chords.

You might also want to transpose (change keys) to better match your singing pitch. When the chords in a song force you to sing in a high squeaky voice, or a super-low Johnny Cash voice, it may be time to transpose into a better key.

In “Defeat the E” I talk you through an easy way to transpose on the fly if the song is fairly simple.

But as uke songs get more complex, the process of transposing chords gets more complex, too.

A free tool for transposing ukulele chords:

And that’s why you should check out this FREE tool:

It’s a paper slide rule (a musical transposing key-changing slide rule tool) that you can cut out and assemble and keep with your songbooks. Just move the slide to line up the old key and new key, and you can instantly read off all the uke chords you need.

Slick, old-school efficiency!

Tell ’em Danno sent you.

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  1. I am playing a bass uke. It isn’t keyed the same as a concert uke.
    So is there a chord chart for bass uke or do I need to learn from a guitar chord chart?

    1. Hi, do you mean a baritone uke? A bass uke is a thing, but it’s REALLY bass, with big rubber-band strings.

      Assuming you mean baritone uke, there are some great resources for chords, like this “dictionary” (on Amazon):

      I’m a big fan of these uke books by Bruce Emery; here’s one specifically on bariton uke: (I don’t play baritone, so I have looked at this particular book, but his other ones are great!).