TV Theme Ukulele Songs (including Arrested Development)

How to play Arrested Development theme song on ukulele

as_seen_on_tv_logoIn my Boston ukulele classes, I’ve had several song requests lately. Seems everyone loves the ukulele intro riff to Arrested Development. Since the show is back on (if you consider Netflix “on”), I guess it’s at the top of peoples’ minds.

I’ve loved the show, and I spend about 20 hours a day doing ukulele related things, but it never occurred to me figure out the intro chords.

And I still haven’t.

But, I aim to please (you aim, too, please), so I tracked down this thorough tutorial.

More “Arrested Development” theme song info.

Since posting the video tutorial below, I’ve learned that Ukulele Hunt put up the tabs for the song back in 2008! Also, the theme’s composer, David Schwartz has the song up at his site (sans narration). So between the tab and the video, we stand a pretty good chance of figuring this one out!

If you know you’re going to be any place that Ron Howard will be talking, this is the song you’ve must be able to play in the background.

 Other TV Theme Songs on Ukulele

Since I had TV shows and ukes on the mind, here’s a playlist of TV show theme songs played by various folks, all involving ukes. Some are h0w-to tutorials, but most are performances.

(This is a YouTube playlist, so there are special buttons at the bottom of the video that let you skim through the videos!)

  • The Lone Ranger on ukulele
  • The Muppet Show Theme on ukulele
  • Hawaii 5-0 on ukulele
  • Sesame Street theme on ukulele
  • Shaft theme (Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, of course, featuring, apparently, Carson from Downton Abbey on lead vocal!
  • Music from The Little Rascals on ukulele
  • I Love Lucy theme on ukulele
  • Gilligan’s Island on ukulele
  • Happy Days on ukulele
  • Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers on ukulele (that was a tv show, right?)
  • The Addams Family theme on ukulele
  • Theme from Cheers on ukulele
  • Batman Theme on ukulele
  • Malcolm in the Middle theme  (You’re Not the Boss of Me by They Might Be Giants) on ukulele (and many other instruments)

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  1. Really enjoying your utterances, Danno. I am on a train to NY & then to Brooklyn to celebrate Chanukah with my daughter, son-in-law and 3 & 3/4 year old granddaughter. There is a baby boy due January 15th (ish). Sierra loves to sing and I always have a uke with me. I’m now ina band & we performed this morning at the Chelmsford UU craft fair – great fun!

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