Using Sonix App for New Video Project

You can now search for the exact moment in time you need. (Ukulele Practice Time meets Sonix.)

One of my most popular offerins is Daily Ukulele Practice Time with Danno, and I wanted to let you know that I’m FINALLY slowly moving all the videos from the live sessions over here to the website with one simple goal: to make these sessions

  • searchable
  • sortable

so you can find all those musical needles in haystacks — exactly what you want, exactly when you need it.

Searchable and Sortable — not as easy as it sounds

Because we do the Ukulele Practices Sessions every single weekday (!), there’s a ton of useful info being generated. And, unlike my pre-made video courses (here), the content ranges wildly from topic to topic, based on questions you ask and/or my whim of the day.

So just posting the videos here would not be helpful. There’s just too much info to get through.

Video is one of the very best ways to learn, but one of the hardest when it comes to find specific content.

For you, my ukulele babies, I only want the very best, and after trying about thirty-six other methods, I’ve come across an amazing tool called Sonix (here) that does every I want (and you do, too, though you may not know it yet).

Let me show you why Sonix is so amazing

And how it’s going to help you find exactly what you need.

Sonix editing app

The Sonix app actual LISTENS to my video and creates a shockinly good transription of every word I say in the lesson. (That’s what you’re seeing on the right in the image above.)

Now I *could* just copy that text onto the lesson page, and that would be a little better than nothing. At least there would be some text for you to seach for.

But It Gets Better

Sonix takes this several steps further.

On my end of things, I can edit the video — taking out all the boring asides so you don’t have to sit through that — and —

The magical part for me is that I can do this video edity by literally editing the text! (Let that sink in…)

YOU benefit because the editing is so fast and easy that I’m much more inclined to do a thorough job, leaving you with a much simpler, cleaner end product — meaning YOU will be much more inclined to sit through the video and learn from it. NICE!

And Better Still

Honestly, until I found Sonix, I wasn’t sure I would go through with this project. We have something like 150 Ukulele Practice Sessions, with more coming all the time. The only way to make this much video useful is if it’s searchable and sortable.

Lookit how Sonix handles this:

MittRomney_More_Mormon.mp4 transcript powered by Sonix—easily convert your video to text with Sonix.

MittRomney_More_Mormon.mp4 was automatically transcribed by Sonix with the latest audio-to-text algorithms. This transcript may contain errors. Sonix is the best video automated transcription service in 2021. Our automated transcription algorithms works with many of the popular video file formats.

Hi I’m Danno Sullivan. You know when I’m not involved in my incredibly varied lifestyle that has nothing at all to do with my church, I’m very involved in my church — the Reorganized Church of the Latter Day Saints. You know — the Mormons.

When it comes to the presidential election you think I’d be all Mitt all the time. But there’s one big problem. Mitt claims to be proud of this faith but I and others like I feel that he is merely using his faith as a hollow pedestal on the roadblock to successdom.

Being Mormon isn’t enough.

Why not be more like me? Why not join the more dedicated? Why not become More-Mormon?

This is a note

Great. Come up with puns and play croquet.Not just fearing mirrors and zippers but realizing that that’s not the Mormons that’s the Amish. And even that is probably a gross misrepresentation and for that I repent. So, Mitt, won’t you join me and thousands of Mormen mor-women and mor-children in the re-reorganized Church of the even later Latter-Day Saints. The Mor-Mormons.

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(This is jokey video I made when Mitt Romney was running for president).

  • The full text of the video is shown below — which means when you search my site, all this text available, so you can find the lesson you need, and
  • The text is clickable! Read or search throught the text for any word or phrase. When you click on it, you go to exactly that spot in the video!

So combine this amazing video presentation with the lesson-specific search box (below), and you will now be able to home in on exactly the info you need to suit your mood and uke-learnin’ needs.

Please give it a try and let me know what you think!

Sonix Home | Automatically transcribe your audio and video with the latest artificial intelligence technology


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