Free ukulele song sheet for “We Three” by the fabulous vocal group, The Ink Spots.

“We Three” free uke song sheet download

I love using fingerstyle ukulele playing to noodle around on these great old songs, like WE THREE by the Ink Spots. (It's also known as, “My Echo, My Shadow, and Me.”)

You can listen to me noodling in the video below. TRULY NOODLING — you'll hear plenty of mistakes, but I'm posting because, even with mistakes, I love the sound fingerstyle playing adds to a song.

Free Song Sheet

I've got free song sheet for you (below), so you can try this out yourself. And if you're interesting in learning the basics of fingerstyle playing, why not join us for the workshop on June 1? Here's the info on that (link opens in new window).

Here's the song sheet for We Three

I hope you enjoy this! It's my own arrangement, since I couldn't one with our standard uke tuning, and without crazy jazz chords.

danno's cute signtature that looks like a ukulele

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