Weekly Workshops

Improve your uke playing with live, online workshops, where you can get help on anything you need help on!

The best way to learn ukulele and get better is with a real teacher, a coach by your side, so you can ask questions and get help when you need it.

That's why I've implemented the live, on-line Weekly Worskhops.

Because the OTHER best way to learn uke, is via well-made video — so you can see right up close what you need to see, you can stop and rewind, or playback at slow speed — it's a great way to get new technical info into your brain.

So most of my recorded lessons give you the benefit of concise videos so you can learn the details quickly.

BUT WHEN YOU HAVE QUESTIONS -- you can join the live online Weekly Workshops and get all the personalized help you might need.

Julia Andrews


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Renews monthly

Individual workshops are $30 each. Your monthly subscription is like getting one free workshop a month!

  • Membership gives you FREE ACCESS to ALL the recorded courses
  • Q-and-A to cover any and all your uke questions
  • Weekly meeting, live on-line
  • New concepts introduced Weekly
  • Cancel anytime

What Courses are Include?

All Danno's ukulele course that are currently available on the site are included.


How Long Do I Have Access?

As long as you choose to maintain your membership, you have ongoing access to both the recorded classes and the live workshops.


What Happens If I Cancel?

You can easily cancel anytime, with the click of a button, no questions asked. At the end of your current payment period, your access to the recorded courses and the live workshops will end.


When Are the Live Lessons?

Live Lessons are on a cycling schedule to accommodate as many people in as many time zones as possible. This means that probably some will be convenient for you to attend live, and some may not. 


What If I Can't Be There for a Live Lesson?

No problem! You can always submit your questions in advance, by email or video. And the live lessons will be recorded for you to access at your leisure later on.


How do I know the schedule?

You'll have access to special page that shows meeting times. You can also sync your calendar to our to have meetings show up automatically.