The weekend is here. What are you and your uke doing?

Here are few things I'm working on that might inspire you:

Li'l Rev, the Milwaukee ukulele troubadour, is coming to town next week (and staying at my house). He was one of my first inspirations and helped me realize that the uke can be so-much-more than a toy.

Li'l Rev's book cover

Anyway, I'm going through his newest book, Intros, Endings & Turnarounds for Ukulele.

I love the man but I don't necessarily love all his books.

This one, though, is a winner. 👍


Behind the scenes, I'm furiously polishing up the next incarnation of my ukulele courses website, hoping to make it easier, funner, and more useful.

The new site layout


Lastly, I'm curling up with a good Leon Redbone.

Don't know if you heard the news that he passed away yesterday at the “age of 127,” according to his very humorous website.

I think Leon took some guff over the years from old-time music purists, but he turned a lot of young ‘uns like me onto a whole world of weird and wonderful music — spooky old blues, slightly risqué tin-pan alley — just wonderful stuff.

Leon Redbone album cover

My favorite album of his was the first one I found, Double Time. Hard to believe there was a time when I didn't know all the words to “Melancholy Baby” — so thanks, Leon.

It's available for streaming on Amazon, here.

(I have a fun ukulele arrangement of “Crazy Blues,” another one I learned from this album — maybe a good choice for an Office Hours call this week!)


OK — jump over to Facebook and let me know what YOU are doing this weekend.

Danno Sullivan
Danno Sullivan

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