Change is a-comin’

A few weeks back, I mentioned “big change” coming to the site.

I’m hard at work behind the curtains like so many Wizards of Ozes, putting the changes into effect, but I wanted to let you know what’s going on and — how you can help!


I have a theory about ukulele players.

We are, like monkeys and jackdaws, lovers of bright, shiny objects.

  • New strings!
  • New strap!
  • New little clippy thing to hold music!

And the most egregious: new books!

Oh, the beloved curse of ukulele books

many ukulele books

Every new book is an exciting promise to yourself:

“I will read this book! I will learn from this book! And I will be become a very excellent ukulele player because of this book!”

But it’s like going to gym, isn’t it? Good intentions and all that.

The trick to getting something out your gym membership, if you don’t have some bizarrely overdeveloped self-will, is: a trainer!

Someone Else Should be Responsible For You 🙂

That’s a joke, of course.

Ultimately, YOU have to decide what you want and how you want to achieve it. But your coach, mentor, teacher, Yoda can help you get there faster and easier with fewer wrong turns and fewer dead-ends.

When it comes to Ukulele Books…

So many are so good.

There are jewels from the 1920s, and — we are so lucky — more being published now than ever before.

But they all have the same problem:

You’re on your own!

Usually, that’s ok for Chapter 1. The lessons are still simple and your enthusiasm is still high.

But when Chapter 2 rolls around, I’ll bet 50% of the readers drop out.

And the further along in the book, the more drop-outs.

Two Reasons:

  1. Learning from the printed page is HARD
  2. Learning by yourself is HARD

So, stay tuned 🙂

Tomorrow I’ll let you know you about a simple new idea to help.

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