What’s so important about strumming?

Improving musicianship–CONFIDENCE

It’s probably not exactly what you think…

Why Strumming?

Why are focusing a whole workshop on strumming? What makes strumming so important? And, if you think a whole workshop dedicated to strumming is overkill, you might prefer this system (from an ad on old piece of sheet music), promising to teach you, apparently, everything, about playing uke in just “a few minutes!” You know, you CAN learn the very basics in a few minutes–that’s one of the joys of the ukulele. But you can also treat it like a real instrument, and continue to grow your skill and musicianship. (The microphone makes unwanted appearance in this video, but don’t worry, it goes away later for the demos).

Why you need never worry.

This video is here to help provide some of the confidence I talk about earlier.

The take-away here is that even though you’re working on improving your strumming, and learning more complex techniques, you can always simplify.

You might choose to simplify because that’s what sounds best for the song, or you may need to simplify to work out problem. Both are valid.

Here’s how to think about it and how to do it:


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