What’s the most coveted ukulele in the world?

Nowadays, these "employee-built" Martins are extremely rare and considered great finds, because they're invariably built to perfection.

If you could choose any ukulele…?

For me, I’m sure it would be a vintage Martin from the 1920s. (Several models to choose from, all collectible, expensive, and, by report, lovely to play).

Have you heard about the great employee benefit for workers at the Martin ukulele factory?

Apparently they were allowed to build their own custom instruments from parts in the factory.

The catch was, they had do it “off the clock.” In their spare time.

Think about that.

You’ve been working in a ukulele factory all day, and now you have the choice to spend your off hours doing the same thing you were just doing–only now for free.

Nowadays, these “employee-built” Martins are extremely rare and considered great finds, because they’re invariably built to perfection.

After all, these guys really knew what they were doing (training) and they were doing it for their own benefit (desire).

That’s a powerful combo.

As you know, I teach 100s of people to play the ukulele each year, and I know that what most of them need most is that kind of combo to help them get better at playing.

You need the desire or you won’t even begin.

Then you need the training or you won’t know what you should be doing to get better.

The great thing is, this is a self-feeding loop!

Once you get training, your desire increases. And as your desire increases, you seek out new training. And so on.

Now you can see where this is going.

I’ve got the training for you. You can click right here.

And it will help you master the art of ukulele strumming.

The question is: do you have the desire?

When you’re ready, come on over.

your pal,

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