Why I hate girl scouts

Everybody’s got something to sell.

Especially the damn girl scouts.

The “girl scout cookie” season just ended, and let me tell you how things stand at the Sullivan household.

Me: almost no interaction personally with girl scouts, but the sneaky little things set up shop in the subway, where I would have to pass them by. Despite my attempts at being “curmudgeonly” or at least “crusty,” how could I pass by without buying box? Trouble is, I pass by six days week…

The Missus: works at (gulp) a school. Exposure to girl scouts: very high. Obligation as staff: very high.

Child 1: Babysits. Except for two babies, every client is a girl scout. Turns out parents of girl scouts have certain expectations of babysitters…

Child 2: Is a boy, but is friends with dozens of girl scouts. Child 2 also has no understanding of money, but is very handy with the phrase “we haaave to keep our promise!” Child 2 has promised each of his friends that we’ll buy two boxes.

END RESULT: I have not done an exact tally. But I have applied to the Guiness Book of World Records, “Most Cookies” Department. I’ll let you know how it goes.


So, why aren’t I selling you something?

Well, you know I will soon. Even if it’s just some second-hand cookies.

But while the next ukulele product is being created for you, I still want you to stay in that ukulele state of mind.

So, two good freebies for you: Irish ukulele songs for St. Patrick’s Day: download the sheet music here (bonus on this page, too: “Did Your Mother Come from Ireland”).

And, the ridiculous, “O’Brien is Tryin’ to Learn to Talk Hawaiian” is right here.

I’ll talk to you soon, mostly likely two-hundred pounds heavier…

your uke pal,

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