Ever get a ukulele “how to” book that was just way beyond you?

I have a big closet-full of those.

I go through them every few months, and you know what? Somehow they’ve gotten easier!

I also have a ton of uke books for beginners.

Me? A seasoned old grizzled veteran of the trenches with know-how, chops, deep understanding, and even an extra finger on my chording hand?

Why would I be buying beginner books?

Two reasons.

As a teacher, I’m always on the lookout for a new way to present information. I teach hundreds of uke players in live classes and online, and I know what the common questions are.

My job is to answer in the best way. And the best way is different for different people.

Also, as an on-going student, I still pick up tidbits, even in beginner books. Sometimes, you’re just not ready for something until you’re ready. And then that tidbit jumps out and shakes your hand.

My advice to you:

If you love your uke and you’re determined to get better, keep the door of opportunity open.

We live in a wonderful time of books, classes, and YouTube with tons of uke knowledge waiting for you. Dip your toes in the waters once in a while to see who’s style you like, see who’s got info that can help you go from where you are NOW to where you want to get.

Sometimes a new teacher can show you the same idea, but just in a different way for you to suddenly get it.

BTW, you can read my looong and helpful article for brand new ukulele beginners right here. I cover essential ideas and gear to help you get going on uke.

And my much-beloved video course, “Ukulele 3x3x3” will help you learn the basics the fastest way possible.

your pal,

    2 replies to "Why I still buy beginner ukulele books"

    • norah connolly

      I have gone past basic uke lessons and now I would like to sing and play some tunes on my lovely Ibanez. Help


      • Danno

        Hi, Norah — Are you looking for song suggestions? Or advice on improving your uke skills?

        IMO, they kind of go hand in hand! If you’ve got songs that you love and that you’re eager to play, that’s good motivation to work on the skills needed for the particular song. (Not a bad idea to tax yourself a little as you go along — you might be surprised what you can pull off 🙂 )

        On this site, there are some fun song downloads (a few in the Free Library). And of course tons of how-to lessons, too.

        If you’re after something specific, let me know!

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